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 Connected building Commissioning (CBCx) - Smart Commissioning


a. An automated whole building diagnostics tool (CBCx), a software program that takes a top-down approach to diagnostics to detect excess energy consumption of the whole building and its major system.

b. Smart Commissioning describes a specific application of building data analytics, referred to as connected building commis­sioning, that is significantly enhancing the construction-phase commissioning process and showing improved outcomes for the building owner and occupants. Onsite walk-throughs, systems checklists, and equipment-by-equipment testing are being augmented with high-resolu­tion, real-time data monitoring, automated performance testing, and fault detection analytics that programmatically test and characterize equipment and systems failures.

c. These new processes have allowed for rapid, thorough, and repeatable testing of building systems and for more transparent and reliable testing results. Discussed here is the integration of these new processes into the exist­ing new construction commissioning framework with California Institute of Technology. CBCx specifically targets both the pre-functional and functional testing period, where the greatest opportunities for improve­ment and largest payoffs in terms of budget, time, and added quality assurance reside.

d. CBCx tools offer a greatly enhanced pre-functional test period. The alternative to the documentation-heavy approach of traditional pre-functional testing is to inte­grate analytics software to all equipment that is being controlled by the building’s central automation system (or other networked systems when possible, e.g., light­ing, fire and life safety). In this way, every setpoint, sensor and command point for all equipment can be trended, monitored, and analyzed as a system. Having this data available upfront, immediately after equipment startup, allows the commission­ing engineer to validate whether systems are online, and at least nominally operational.

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