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   1. Prior to acceptance, the control system BAS will undergo a series of performance tests, to verify operation and compliance with this specification.

   2. These tests will occur after the Contractor has completed the installation, started up the system, and performed systems TAB.

   3. The tests described to be performed in addition to the tests that the contractor performs as a necessary part of the installation, start-up, and debugging process and as specified in the “Control System BAS Checkout and Testing”. The engineer will be present to observe and review these tests. The engineer will be notified at least 10 days in advance of the start of the testing procedures.

   4. The approved checklists and forms will be completed for all systems as part of the demonstration.

   5. The contractor will provide at least two persons and will demonstrate actual field operation of each control and point for all modes of operation including day, night, occupied, unoccupied, fire/smoke alarm, seasonal changeover, and power failure modes. The is to demonstrate the calibration, response, and action of every point and system. Any test equipment required to prove the proper operation will be by and operated by the contractor.

   6. As each control input and output is checked, a log will be completed showing the date, Technician’s initials and any corrective action taken or needed.

   7. Demonstrate compliance with sequences of operation through all modes of operation.

   8. Demonstrate complete operation of operator interface and work station client / server PC's.

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