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  1. Diagnostic Strategies: In addition to the standard alarm limits specified for all sensed variables the BAS monitor and diagnose anomalies in the operation of the air handlers.
  2. The following “diagnostic strategies” will be included by reference with each air handler with any specific clarifications required:
    1. Run Time Limit: BAS will accumulate the runtime of the status of associated rotating equipment and enunciate a level 5 alarm to indicate that the unit is in need of service.
    2. Filter Monitoring: BAS will monitor the differential pressure transmitter across the filter bank(s). A level 5 alarm will be reported when pressure drop exceeds the transmitter’s setting.
    3. Start Monitoring: BAS will accumulate the starts of cycling equipment. BAS will further enunciate a level 5 alarm when the number of starts exceeds the specified value within the specified time period. (ie: more than 3 starts in a 30 min period).

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