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20.7.2016 MBCx

Commissioning the BAS


Commissioning of building systems is a process that verifies whether the operational building, that is delivered not only meets the requirements of the building owner, but also the intent of the design.

Successfully demonstrating that a building’s Building Automation System (BAS) is operating correctly is a key component of the process led by the commissioning authority (CxA) in the functional performance testing phase.

However, in order for testing to be successful, a number of activities must be performed with specific processes followed, verifying that all elements are in place and are working together to support a successful demonstration.

During the construction phase, these activities and processes can include a review of in-progress equipment installation, verification that adequate air and water flows meet the required heating and cooling capacities, and documentation of complete equipment installation including all trades before final confirmation that the HVAC system and related controls are performing according to owner requirements and design intent.

The HVAC system, like many other building systems, is operated by a BAS that functions according to a combination of automatic and manual inputs. The BAS is responsible for controlling a number of individual elements so that they work in concert and function as a system. Modern controls systems are highly sophisticated and complex even if the intent of this complexity is internal—so that the net result to the operator is simplicity. The complexity is due to the hardware that makes up the components of the automation, the controls theory, the logic that monitors current conditions and predicts the most appropriate response, and the sequences of operation that are defined by the specifying engineer to provide functionality, comfort, and efficiency of design. The BAS is therefore a critical part of the building systems commissioning process.

The BAS affects the commissioning of many other building systems and is a system that, in itself, requires commissioning for successful operation. As noted, demonstration of successful operation is just one of the later stages of the commissioning process.

To maximize the benefits of the commissioning process and have the highest positive impact on a building throughout its lifecycle, commissioning must be performed early on as well as throughout construction and design—even during the planning phases of a building project.