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Copyright 2021 - NICHOLAS A. CHAZAPIS

(a) Introductory training. Day-to-Day Operators:
1. Proficiently operate the BAS control system.
2. Understand control system architecture and configuration.
3. Understand DDC system components.
4. Understand system operation, including DDC system control and optimizing routines.
5. Operate the workstation and peripherals.
6. Log on and off the system
7. Access graphics, point reports and logs.
8. Adjust and change system set points, time schedules and holiday schedules.
9. Recognize malfunctions of the system by observation of the printed copy and graphical visual signals.
10. Understand system drawings and Operation and Maintenance manual.
11. Understand the job layout and location of control components.
12. Access data from DDC controllers and ASC’s
13. Operate portable operator’s terminals.

(b) Hands-on Advanced operator training:
14. Make and change graphics on the workstation,
15. Create, delete and modify alarms including annunciation and routing of these.
16. Create, delete and modify point trend logs and graph or print these both on and ad-hoc basis and at user definable time intervals.
17. Create, delete and modify reports.
18. Add, remove and modify system’s physical points.
19. Create, modify and delete programming.
20. Add panels when required.
21. Add operator interface stations.
22. Create, delete and modify system displays, both graphical and others.
23. Perform DDC system field checkout procedures.
24. Perform DDC controller unit operation and maintenance procedures.
25. Perform workstation and peripheral operation and maintenance procedures.
26. Perform DDC system diagnostic procedures.
27. Configures hardware including PC boards, switches, communication and I/O points.
28. Maintain, calibrate, troubleshoot, diagnose and repair hardware.
29. Adjust, calibrate and replace system components.

(c) for system Managers / Administrators:
30. Maintain software and prepare backups.
31. Interface with job-specific, third-party operator software.
32. Add new users and understand password security procedures.


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